Sunday, 25 September 2011

True Grace Candles - Sacristy

This is a slight departure for me - usually I write about perfume, but today I bought a scented candle for the first time. I like scented candles, but I don't very often find ones I really like, or when I do, they tend to be astronomically priced. The True Grace range are about £21 each, so definitely not too expensive. They smell good, although I honestly can't vouch for their quality. What I can say is that they smell like they have good quality perfume essences in them, which is good enough for me. Sacristy is the one I bought, which is meant to evoke the smell and atmosphere of leather-bound prayer books, wood panelling covered with beeswax polish, pillar candles and incense. I have to admit that just smelling the candle, I do feel that they've been successful in conjuring this up - the candle does smell remarkably like a sacristy.

True Grace has an interesting range, including Moroccan Rose, Amber, Blackcurrant Leaves, Fig, Jasmine Tea, Library, Orangery, Secret Garden, Tuberose and Velvet.

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