Thursday, 29 September 2011

The return of summer

The weather over the past two or three days has been glorious, particularly today. Were it not for the shortening days and seeping in of russet-hued leaves, one could be forgiven for thinking it was still July or August. 

Make hay while the sun shines, the saying goes, and that is what we've been trying to do, in between school runs, work and the everyday humdrum of daily life. We ended this evening by having a picnic in the park and it was uplifting to see the children running around in shorts and t-shirts, laughing and giggling, while we quaffed a beer or two and watched the sun set behind autumnal trees. We know it won't last now, which makes it all the sweeter, albeit in a somewhat wistful manner.

Today, in the spirit of an Indian summer, I wore two perfumes that I think fit the mood of a serendipitous summer day perfectly: Ineke's Field Notes from Paris and The Different Company's Sel de Vetiver. 

Regularly visitors to my blog will probably be aware of my love for this amazing fragrance. It captures perfectly the spirit of being near the sea, or water at least, with a salty, ozone-y (in the best way possible, trust me), slightly vetiver tang that smells uplifting, bracing and yet comforting at the same time. Here is my review of it last year.

Field Notes from Paris is a perfume that I've always quite liked, but not quite fell in love with. Today it felt appropriate, with its very orange-blossom focused approach to tobacco. On a warm day the orange blossom makes one feel slightly windswept and blowsy, while the tobacco is slightly comforting but suave too. I still can't say that I am massively in love with it, but a hot day brings out the best in it, I think.


  1. light and delicate perfumes are used in summer season to overcome the heat. Fresh, floral and fruity fragrances are best for summer, it gives you cool feeling. This blog is very resourceful for all.....

  2. I haven't tried SdV but FNfP is my favorite perfume from the line (I've tried all of them). If I ever decide to get a FB of Ineke it will be of this one.
    How often do you actually wear a perfume (as an opposite to just testing)?

  3. Undina, depends on your view of wearing versus testing. I don't own a lot of bottles or decants, so for me, wearing samples is generally what I consider wearing perfume. However, I obviously don't always go the whole hog and spray as an all-body experience, but if I am using a bottle I happen to own I will do that.

    I often like to try more than one perfume, which some may find contradictory, but for me perfume is often about contemplation and I like to be be able to sniff each wrist and get a different experience. It really depends on what mood I'm in.

  4. I think we view testing vs. wearing the same way (or close enough). You can have two (or even more) perfumes on at the same time and do a comparison sniffing. But then you're rather smelling perfumes but do not smell OF them. Wearing in my understanding is applying the perfume in a real-life way: on more than just one wrist. It doesn't have to be a real bottle or even a spray vial, to that matter, but it means some time and skin RE devoted to one scent.

  5. Undina, yes, I would agree with you. I guess for me I prefer to smell perfume rather than smell of it (that's an excellent way of putting it) because my perfume journey is mostly about the smell rather than the impression I am making. Of course the two don't have to be mutually exclusive but I am in love with smells generally, which is perhaps why I got into perfume in such a big way. Thanks for commenting!



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