Monday, 19 September 2011

Scent of the day - L'Artisan

Posts have been rather scarce from me over the last week. Work commitments again. I'm hoping that by October my work load might start reducing a little, which will be welcome. I've been working flat out since May and I'm starting to feel a little worn out.

Today I'm wearing two fragrances by L'Artisan, Timbuktu and Fou D'Absinthe. I've written about both before. I own a sample of Timbuktu, but have never sprayed it before, only dabbed. I can't say it wears that differently sprayed. If anything it smells slightly fruiter and perhaps a bit more diffuse, but either way, I still like it a lot and for a L'Artisan it has quite a good longevity and sillage. 

I also entered into a competition at my local Fenwick department store to win a bottle of a L'Artisan of my choice. I certainly wouldn't mind winning, so here's holding thumbs!


  1. Wishing you the best!! Timbuktu always makes me smile!

  2. Thanks Frida. I can't quite decide if I prefer Dzongha or Timbuktu.

  3. Good luck, Michael, with both - work load reducing and winning. I haven't tried any of these two. After posting the comment will look for your reviews (some people give links to the previous posts ;) ).

  4. Now I remember that I've read your review for Fou d'Absinthe and I'm surprised you decided to try it again. Was it better this time?

  5. Undina, yes I'm not the best at providing references to previous posts and that sort of thing! Fou d'Absinthe is growing on me. I never disliked it, just found the opening quite bizarre, but at least it is different.

  6. Michael, I just came across your blog and am wondering whether you won the contest...I too am passionate about L'Artisan and have recently purchased Piment Brulant along with Coeur, Bois Farine, Batucada. Am looking to purchase an incense one now. Maybe Timbuktu or Al Oud...

    1. No I didn't win it unfortunately. I like L'Artisan a lot, some more than others of course, but as one of the first niche houses (and not so niche today, but that doesn't really matter) I think they have played an important part in perfume history. I like both Timbuktu and Al Oud. Al Oud in particular is very interesting. They do a good coffret of 3 15 ml bottles - I bought one not so long ago that contained the Couer de Vetiver Sacre, Timbuktu and Fou de Absinthe. I think my all time favourite, just for its quirkiness, is Dzing!



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