Sunday, 25 September 2011

Behind the times

But slowly catching up. This weekend I bought a DVD box set of the first four seasons of Mad Men from HMV, marked down quite considerably. Now this is nothing remarkable in itself, but I've heard and read about this TV series for a long time now, which has gained excellent reviews and won awards left right and centre. As always, I am slow to catch up. When Mad Men came to the UK, it was on TV at a very strange time, at least to me, around 10.30pm. Now this may not be late for some people, but I'm not inclined to start watching TV at that time of night, so I never got into the series at all.

Now that I have the box set, I shall watch this at my leisure, and hopefully it will turn out to be as engrossing as everyone makes it out to be.

Today was a lovely day in the UK - sunny and warm, but with enough signs of autumn to know that we need to make the most of what is left of the good weather. My family went to a local pick-your-own fruit farm this afternoon. We collected about sixty apples, varying from Russets to Cox to cooking apples like Bramleys. I must post a few pictures soon - the colours ranged from brown to orange to red, all tinged with green. To me apple picking is a true sign that autumn is here and I can't wait to make a crumble or two!


  1. I love most of the fruits and those that are fresh from a tree especially. Today, twenty five years later, I can close my eyes and imagine the taste of apples from my favorite tree in my grandparents' garden.
    I also haven't watched Mad Men yet: first I didn't have a subscription to the channel that showed this show and then it was too late to start... One day I might watch it on DVD.

  2. Netflix is streaming Mad Men now - we're hoping to start watching it soon.

    Crisp apples from the tree - nothing better! Enjoy!

  3. Undina, I would have loved to grow up in your grandparents' garden. I had a godmother who grew peach trees, had a grapevine, loads of vegetables and so on, and it was always a delight going round to her house. She was Lebanese and used to use the vine leaves to make dolmades and that sort of thing, and giant marrows that were stuffed. Great memories!

  4. Frida, the taste of apples picked fresh is very different to shop bought. I know apples store very well, but the acidity and subtlety of flavours freshly picked can't be beaten, in my opinion. Enjoy Mad Men if you can. I watched the first episode last year and it was great - very different to the usual stuff, but great.



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