Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gifts from Carol

I received a number of very interesting samples from Carol, over on Waft what a fragrance fanatic thinks. Pictured above, I was very excited to see a carded sample of Xerjoff Mefisto, Vintage Aramis Porto, A-Men Pure Malt, Roja Dove Diaghalev, Bond No 9 Signature and Madison Square Park, Vintage Hermes Equipage, Vintage Jicky parfum, Faberge Woodhue, Liz Zorn Harbinger and Six Scents Series One 1 and 5.

I can't wait to try these and Carol, thank you once again for thinking of me and providing an interesting range of perfumes!


  1. You are welcome my friend - ENJOY !!

  2. Wow! Quite a stash. Have fun with them :-)



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