Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter and an update

Firstly, to those of you who celebrate it, a slightly belated happy Easter! We are 'egged' out in our household today, as you might gather from the photos below...

Hannah & Daisy with the spoils of the Easter Egg hunt
Daisy drooling chocolate

 I have been really struggling to find the time to blog this April. The last ten days have been manic at work as we've been putting together a proposal to win an important new client and I've been part of the team that put it together and presented it to the board. It might seem strange, but a team of three has spent a collective two weeks working on a proposal that took thirty to forty five minutes to present! A lot of hard work behind the scenes. As my workload increases, as the next three to four months tend to be my busiest, I feel I will struggle to find enough spare time to blog like I have so far this year. I know it isn't the quantity, but I am amazed how some people are able to put together a daily or even thrice daily post, religiously. The mind boggles!

So, spring has been amazing so far this April, as I may have mentioned before and below are some photos of what we have been up to when the sun has been shining, which is daily. Very unusual for the usually damp and grey UK!

Daisy with her new scooter she got for her birthday on the 8th

Our cherry tree in full bloom

Beautiful English bluebell wood near Oxford, where friends of ours live

So, I hope all of you have been enjoying the Easter break, and also perfumes. I have, funnily enough, been wearing a lot of perfume, following receipt of my large number of samples from Luckyscent. Perhaps fitting for Easter, I have tried quite a few incenses, mainly from Comme Des Garcons. Some have been good, some so-so and a couple extremely good. I am hoping to put together some thoughts on these over the next couple of weeks, time permitting. 

Until then, spring sunshine - keep it coming!


  1. Have no worries about the frequency of your blogging as you tackle these bigger work projects, Michael. I can never get around to reading everyone's blog posts in the same day they are written anyway, so I just make my way around according to what suits my schedule. It's rather nice that not everyone is on the same writing timetable.

    The photos of your girls enjoying their Easter are so cute! Loved seeing the blooming cherry tree and bluebells too.

  2. Suzanne thank you for the kind comment and encouragement. Always happy to share a few more personal aspects of my life, particularly my kids, as I love them to bits and am very proud!

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  4. Those children of yours are so darned cute I want to eat them up! (do Brits use that phrase? - I am not a cannibal, btw!? ;)

  5. Frida thanks. I'm certainly familiar with that phrase so don't worry!



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