Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Scent associations

This is not the first time I've written about scent associations and how powerful (and surprising) they can be. I mentioned quite a long time ago about how certain perfumes have become almost unwearable for me due to having being ill while wearing them (not because of them) or having gone through a very stressful experience while wearing them.

The other day I had worn Profumum Roma's Olibanum, which is a very well executed incense and sandalwood perfume. I like it a lot and if you enjoy fragrances like 10 Corso Como, I think you might like Olibanum too. Anyway, the day after I had worn this my family and a couple of our friends had brunch at a local hotel which does brilliant eggs benedict. When we arrived the dining area smelled very strongly of what to me smelled exactly like Olibanum. My initial thought was that someone else who was there was wearing the perfume. What a coincidence. A little while later I had to go to the bathroom and upon entering I was met with a massive whiff of Olibanum again. Gosh, she/he had been here too! However, once I had been in there for a couple of minutes I realised that the smell was way too strong to be left from someone's sillage. It struck me then that the lovely smell was actually some sort of toilet cleaner or bathroom product.

The weird thing is that in this case I don't feel repulsed or inclined not to wear Olibanum again. Even if I have a mild association with toilet cleaner now, it doesn't bother me. Isn't that strange? One would have thought this might have turned me right off the perfume.

Has this ever happened to you? If you have a positive story to tell, please do comment, or if only negative, I'd still be interested in reading what experiences you have had. 


  1. I don't really have any associations to mention but I'm now going to smell toilet cleaner when I first test my Olibanum! ;)

  2. I'm sorry Frida. I hope that doesn't happen. If its any comfort, Olibanum doesn't smell anything like conventional toilet cleaner, the hotel we ate at just happened to have classy tastes!



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