Thursday, 7 April 2011

Spring and sample time again

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front this last week. This is probably partly due to the fact that I am on holiday this week and that the weather has been so glorious that I have felt the urge to spend more time outdoors than sat in front of a computer.

It's amazing how quickly one can get out of touch. Only several days absence and already I don't know what everyone has been writing about and what is going on. In the blogosphere one can fade into obscurity in a flash!

After much deliberation and procrastination I have finally ordered some more samples, after abstaining since as far back as September. I think that's rather impressive myself, although I would prefer to practice rather less restraint!

This is the list of what I have ordered:

Delrae Panache
Xerjoff Madoc
Comme de Garcon Original, Palisander, Kyoto, Quarzazate
Farmacia SS Annunziata Patchouly Indonesiano
Il Profumo Patchouli Noir
Keiko Mecheri Les Zazous
L'Artisan Dzongkha
Le Labo Labdanum 18
Montale Oud Musk, Full Incense
Profumi di Pantelleria Maestrale
Sinfonia di Note Fleur de Santal
Different Company De Bachmakov
Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris

So, as you might gather, lots of incense and patchouli and not much in the way of greener, spring-like fragrances. These are the styles I generally prefer however, so I am really looking forward to trying them, whatever the weather.

Today is my wife Wendy's birthday. Wed are celebrating by going out for lunch with the children and a friend of ours. It should be good. Oh, and now that the weather is changing for the better, I'm cracking open the gin bottle again and it's G&Ts all round. Cheers! 


  1. Have fun today! :)
    Of those I tried from your list (and there aren't many) I wonder what will you think of Patchouli Noir (which I adore)and Midnight in Paris which I can't wear - it's loud and shrill on me.

  2. Michael - happy birthday to Wendy! And please drink a G&T in my honor.

    I love Dzongkha and will be interested to know what you think. It took me a few wearings to truly 'get' it, but it's on my list for a future full bottle purchase.

    Enjoy your sampling!

  3. Happy birthday Wendy!! Michael, I nearly emailed you yesterday to check on you!

    Cannot wait to hear your reviews.

  4. Ines, I'll certainly let you know what I think. I enjoy a bit of patchouli so hopefully it will be good. As for Midnight in Paris, I honestly don't know what to expect!

  5. Josephine, the G&T was good today, rest assured! I'm looking forward to trying Dzongkha.

  6. Thanks Frida. I'm alive and well!

  7. Happy Birthday to Wendy! I feel a bit sheepish as I crack open the G & Ts year round... I bought three bottles of Hendricks at Christmas and am steadily working my way through them. Maybe even a little faster than steadily. : - )

  8. Happy Birthday to your wife! I hope you all will have a great time celebrating. (Will it involve any perfume-related gifts giving?)

    I'm interested to read what you liked and didn't like since I noticed that we had several "likes" in common and since I test "masculine" perfumes less often in general, it would be great to have somebody as a "pre-tester".

  9. Vanessa - a G&T girl after my own heart! Nice one. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  10. Undina, thank you. It didn't involve perfume giving, no. My wife is not really into perfume like I am, but she loves all things to do with knitting, so I gave her a wool winder instead! I'm more than happy to be the pre-tester guinea pig. I'll probably write about most of these at some point over the next couple of months.



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