Monday, 2 May 2011

Aramis Vintage Porto

I'm relatively familiar with the Aramis line, in particular the one pictured left, the original classic, which is a very 60s/70s leathery chypre and can be found all over the show. However, until Carol sent me a sample of Porto, I had not even heard of it, let alone tried it. In fact, googling Porto images, I could not even find a picture of the bottle, hence the picture used here. 

Porto opens with a fairly strong shot of citrus and lavender, with spices, in a way typical of masculine fougeres of this period. One it settles, there is a slightly leathery, dark aspect to Porto, with just a hint of herbs and oakmoss. The heart and dry down are classical fougere territory, but very well executed. Porto is without a doubt a manly mix and I have to admit that fougeres are probably not my favourite perfume genre, but for what it is, it is very good.

I hope this doesn't come across as damning with faint praise, because I don't mean to do that, but Porto is a well executed fougere, fairly classic and gentlemanly and if you are looking for a good example of this genre, this would be it. Although quite strong, it isn't overbearing and actually smells very refined and smooth the longer it wears. Perhaps that is the nature of a perfume that hasn't been interfered with and remixed in later years, as as happened with so many 'classics' recently. 

If I were to compare Porto to anything else, for some reason a less spicy Hermes Equipage comes to mind, sort of, because Equipage is a bit more complex and multi-layered and some might argue, more a chypre than a fougere, but that is the association I get.

I'm glad I was given a sample of Porto, because it has given me the chance to try a perfume from a relative bygone era, that I believe, is no longer in production.

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