Saturday, 12 March 2011

Weekend musings

So, it is weekend again, and it was back to DIY again. The day started with fantastic weather, which could only mean one thing - get a roof on the Wendy House (playhouse) as soon as possible. To someone technically challenged like myself, this is no easy task. In the event, I managed to get the roof on by mid afternoon, but still needed to collect the felt (for waterproofing) from a friend who had a spare roll. By this time the sky was looking decidedly more murky, so with a sense of urgency we fetched the felt and after some cutting, cursing and tacking, got it done by 5.30pm. By the time we had finished supper the rain was pouring down. Phew! Thank goodness.

A lovely surprise awaited me today - a package from my friend Frida over on Bloody Frida! I'm sure quite a few of you know this wonderful lady already, who is extremely kind and generous. I sent Frida a few samples last month and she reciprocated by knitting my two daughters lovely berets and also sent me samples of Bond's Washington Square, Creed's Fleurs de Bulgarie and something I haven't seen before, Florida Water. Yo Frida - big thanks. I will post some pics in due course, once I locate my camera...

I didn't wear any perfume today because I knew that with manual labour it would disappear quicker than a refund of an MP's falsified expense claim. Yesterday I wore a couple of samples from the wonderful Sonomo Scent Studio. I've written about them before - Winter Woods and Tabac Aurea. In my original post about Tabac Aurea back in August or September last year I wrote that I couldn't detect all that much tobacco and mentioned an immortelle note that I didn't like very much. I've worn Tabac Aurea a few times since then and got the same impression. Lo and behold, yesterday it unfolded in a totally different manner. Right from the outset I smelled a beautifully rendered tobacco note, which was later joined by smoke and labdanum. I could still smell a little immortelle, but only just, and it worked well with the tobacco. I still find it amazing how perfumes can perform so differently over time.

So, have a good weekend all. I'm off to find my camera now...


  1. Oh Michael, I'm sooo glad that the package arrived!!! Enjoy, my friend!

  2. PS I found the missing lid that was to go with the Creed while I was cleaning up the spare room/office the other day - sorry!

  3. Michael, do you think this different reaction to Tabac Aurea is due to the season/weather changes? I've tried it for the first time this February and - if anything to complain - thought that I wouldn't mind sweetening (a little) all that tobacco. Now I'm curious if I try it in summer - will I smell it that much different as well.

  4. Frida, thank you. I hadn't opened the plastic wallet yet, but did sort of notice something wrapped over the top of the Creed. Not to worry.

  5. Undina, thanks for the comment. I'm not really sure. I've often wondered that about perfume and the seasons too, and I suspect it can be true. There are other perfumes that I know definitely perform differently on me in summer and winter. Montale's Black Oud is a case in point. I tried Tabac Aurea for the first time at the height of summer, and while not sweet, it was quite heady and that immortelle note really jumped out. Trying it now in March, while not cold here presently, the tobacco most definitely becomes more prominent.

  6. My sample is big enough to survive until summer so I will have a chance to check how (if) it changes for me. Thank you for the idea.



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