Thursday, 3 March 2011

A visit to Hoopers and thoughts on some samples

Today I felt in a much better frame of mind, and inevitably I ended up wearing perfume that I enjoyed and also managed to pay a visit to Hoopers, one of my local department stores that I have written about on a number of occasions.

True to form, Melanie, my friend in the perfume department at Hoopers, had some samples for me, including Amouage's Opus IV (which I already have, thanks to my friend Persolaise) and Jubilation 25. I'm quite chuffed with Jubilation. It's a lovely, elegant chypre, one of the best in the Amouage Ladies lineup, in my opinion. She also gave me samples of Cartier De Lune and one of the endless Daisy flankers, Eau So Fresh. I'm not so sure about the Daisy. The description on the card says: "Playfully spirited, charmingly fun. A bubbly floral fruity, that radiates a sunny and sparkling energy." Hmm. Do I need a fresh fruity floral? Not sure.

As for De Lune, one can "capture the ephemeral, taste the wonder of a bouquet of white flowers in the moonlight. A rare and delicate sensation, a floral caress suffused with freshness." I generally like Cartier's fragrances - they are usually well made - and will certainly give this one a go.

So what perfume did I wear today? Well I tried Puredistance M for the first time - see my post from yesterday. It's still early days but my initial impression is very positive. It is a leathery concoction that initially starts quite smoky and severe and then mellows into a smooth and suave amber and woods combination, with the leather never far away. Mmm, nice. Very nice and very well done. I also wore Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez. Woah, this is very good too. And not remotely feminine to me. If you gave me an unlabeled sample I would never have made such a connection anyway. It's rich, skanky, sexy, complex. I love it.


  1. I know the Hoopers in Wilmslow and Torquay - it is a lovely old style department store!

  2. Yes, its a small group of stores with another one in Harrogate Yorkshire as well, I think. I haven't visited any of these but the one in TW is also quite old style, with lots of wooden, creaking staircases and warrens of corridors. I'm sure it wouldn't appeal to some, but I quite like it! Thanks for the comment Vanessa.



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