Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday 'vrooms' by

As I mentioned on Friday, we visited friends of ours who live in Cambridge. Actually, they have just moved a little way outside of Cambridge, to a village called Girton. It is a lovely place, and while their new house needs a bit of work, it already feels quite homely and welcoming and we had a lovely time. George, their son, turned four and it was his party that day. It was a long drive up from Kent, but we had lunch with John and Katherine and after the party we stayed on with another family of close friends to have a few laughs, some cider and then a curry. The only down side was having to drive back to Kent at 9 at night, with two shattered young children for company! Incidentally, Girton is sort of famous for being the location of Cambridge University's first female college. This being a bit before the Suffragettes movement reached its height, the ladies were housed a 'safe' two miles or so out of town. I could be wrong, but I think males were only admitted well into the 20th century.

Anyway, rambling on, the last three days have been relatively devoid of perfume, as I suspected it would be. Today, back at work, it was scentless, until this evening, when determined not to remain unscented, I applied a few dabs of Le Labo's Iris 39 and Profumum's Olibanum. Yes, I know. There isn't much science in how I wear perfume. I simply looked at my sample vials and picked two that randomly shouted out at me. Wear me! Wear me!

The highlight of my day was that we completed the exchange of our car for a new one. Nothing fancy - one Honda Jazz for a newer Jazz model. We like the Jazz. It's a very small family car that for it's size is surprisingly spacious inside. It's hardly a boy racer's dream, but hey ho, so what. Now I am obsessing like a new parent, looking outside the window to where it is parked, terrified that someone is going to scrape it as they walk by, or some idiot is going to dent it as they try park nearby. Anal, I know. I'm sure the feeling will pass in due course!


  1. ooh new car smell!

    I just got a sample of Olibanum - haven't tried it yet though.

    Happy Spring, Michael!

  2. Happy spring to you too Frida! Thank God it's here now. I quite like Olibanum. Let me know what you think once you've tried it.

  3. I was just recently thinking about the freedom from all these worries that you get when your car is ... let's put it this way - not that young any more (but still in a perfect health!) But that new car smell... Congratulations!

  4. Undina, that's partly why we exchanged for a new car. Fewer worries and safe in the knowledge we are covered by warranty.



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