Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday, KFC and the slow-burners

So, Saturday is almost over, for me anyway. MY DIY project has commenced, albeit much slower than I anticipated. It doesn't help getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the industrial estate where the hardware store is based (B&Q, for those of you in the UK). At least I now have the wood I need to make the new roof and floor of the Wendy House, and various shelves for our own house. MDF, chipboard, plywood, you name it. I have it all stacked up in a corner of our dining room (I am a romantic at heart) and a grazed finger for my troubles. Oh the drama.

Tonight, continuing with the romantic theme, my wife and I ate KFC for the first time in about a year. What is it about that place? Do you enjoy KFC and junk food? I don't particularly, and it freaks me out going there. A clandestine guilt falls over me, furtive glances left and right to check that none of our neighbours spots the tell tale red and white packaging as I return home with the takeaway. Was it a guilty pleasure? Not really, it tasted ok but laced with salt and other preservatives, I think. It was cheap though, which is probably why so many people eat there.

So what does any of this have to do with perfume? Absolutely freaking nothing my friends. But hey, its Saturday and I have nothing better to talk about. I did wear some perfume today. I tried my samples of Ineke's Field Notes from Paris and Frederic Malle Noir Epices. Neither of these has worked particularly well for me in the past. I'm not really sure why. Both are very decent perfumes but just don't interest me all that much. Today went better though. I appreciated more of the tobacco in Field Notes, which goes well with all that Orange Blossom, while the pepper in Noir Epices was less severe than usual and I got the full chypre effect for a change, rather than the pepper mill in 3d technicolour. Perhaps these two are slow burners and starting to grow on me.

What are you wearing this weekend? Are there any perfumes that intellectually (or otherwise) you think ought to appeal to you, but for some reason just fall short of the mark or fail to impress? 


  1. Michael, you are a romantic indeed - your post gave me a chuckle. Any man who will bring home KFC is well on his way to romance. My husband occasionally does this, and it delights me more than flowers ever could.

    I am lounging and lazy today, and have not yet applied any perfume. Neither have I showered. Yes, it's that kind of day. However, I do love Field Notes from Paris, as I remember. This was sampled about a year ago in another city and the memory of it hangs with me. Must try again.

    Cuir de Lancome was the latest 'should love it but don't' disappointment for me. And Chene, by SL. I was really counting on that one, although I've only tried it once and will revisit.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck on your DIY project!

  2. Thanks for the comment Josephine. Glad I'm not the last romantic left in the Western Hemisphere then ;-). Field Notes is a very distinctive and evocative perfume I think. I can see why many would love it. I haven't tried Cuir de Lancombe. As for Chene, I don't find it a very easy Lutens to wear. Again, some love this one a lot, but I find it a bit strange.

    Enjoy your weekend too.

  3. Michael, I am not at all a fan of Traversee du Bosphore and it bothers me greatly. All I get from it is a mealy apple sitting on cheap, old leather.

    Have fum with the Wendy house! Will you post a picture when you're finished?


  4. Jen, thanks. I'll post a picture provided I haven't sawn off my thumbs!
    I haven't tried Traversee yet, so not really sure what to expect from it. I can't say that mealy apple sounds particularly inviting!



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