Monday, 17 January 2011

Pictures from the weekend

I mentioned in my last post that my daughter Hannah turned 4 this weekend. I thought I would add a handful of photographs of my two kids. The top photo is of Hannah and Daisy in the December snow. The second is Hannah in her Cinderella/Snow White costume which someone gave her for her birthday. The third is Daisy with a character from the Night Garden (not sure if you get this children's program in the US) called, incidentally, Upsy Daisy. The last is of Hannah grinning, wearing her four-year-old badges. As you might gather, she is rather proud of being four. I like to tell her not to rush things, but as we all know, we spend most of our childhood wishing we were grown up and then the rest of our lives wishing we were young again! 


  1. Oh, Michael, that's just too cute! And I love their names, Hannah and Daisy. You should definitely be the proud father - which I can tell you are!

  2. They are so lovely! Congratulations to the princesses's dad!

  3. Josephine, thank you, I am a very proud father indeed.

  4. Thank you Vintage Lady, that's very kind!



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