Monday, 24 January 2011

Cartier Declaration Cologne

I think I've mentioned before that I am a big fan of the original Cartier Declaration. It is a fantastic fragrance, created by Jean Claude Elena, no less, with a hefty but judicious dose of cumin and cedar. Today I tried a flanker that came out last year, called Cartier Declaration Cologne. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Overall it is a much fresher and somewhat lighter fragrance than the original, but certainly not inferior, and in keeping with a cologne theme. The freshness comes from the sharp zing of ginger and a lot more citrus than in the original. The key for me though is this: the ginger and citrus do not smell mass market/generic masculine at all and therein lies the charm. This is a modernised Declaration for the warmer months, without compromising the original. The cumin and woods in the cologne never quite reach the pitch of the original, but this suits the cologne style, I think.

Would I buy Cartier Declaration Cologne? Well, no, not if I owned and was familiar with the original, which I am. However, it is not a poor flanker at all and as I said, great for summer.

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