Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Andy Tauer revisited

Like Gaia over at The Non-Blonde, most of Andy Tauer's fragrances feel like they could have been made for me. The incense-based ones in particular wear so well on my skin, if I may say so myself. There are a couple that just do not agree with me at all, namely Reverie au Jardin and Vetiver Dance. For some reason they make me retch, which I hate to say, but it is thus.

The others are a different ball game altogether. I wore Incense Extreme and Incense Rose the other day, one on either wrist, for comparison. They are strikingly similar - if one were to remove the rose note from Incense Rose they would be an extremely close fit indeed. I think of the two I prefer Incense Extreme. It has a gorgeously true and striking incense note, with supporting notes of iris, cedarwood and ambergris. There's a lot more in there I think, but one is never left in doubt that this is all about frankincense. In a way it is quite straightforward, but the smoky incense is sweetened slightly and has a waft-like character, like smoke drifting on a breeze. Although a strong fragrance, it is not cloying and is well-balanced.

Incense Rose is a lot sweeter than Incense Extreme, with a strong rose element to it. It is possibly the most powerful Tauer I have worn. Without wishing to exaggerate, Incense Rose has a staggering longevity on me, lasting the whole day, through a shower and to the next morning. I would strongly advise not using more than a couple of sprays in this instance, where less is definitely more, if you know what I mean! As the fragrance progresses, the incense takes more of a starring role, but the rose is never far away. However, as I said before, these two perfumes are sisters and very alike.

Although I personally prefer Incense Extreme, I would not hesitate recommending you at least sample both. I wouldn't personally see a need for a full bottle of both in my collection but you might feel differently.

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