Friday, 29 October 2010

Too tired to wear perfume

I've been extremely busy at work recently, working long hours to meet deadlines and the stress is making me tired. I'm not expecting sympathy - most of us go through periods like this from time to time and it's a consequence in part of modern day life. 

What often surprises me though is how seldom I am inclined to wear perfume when I am tired, stressed and overworked. It's not a time issue. After all, it only takes moments to pick up a bottle and spray or dab. However, I have an aversion to wearing something nice that might be ruined by my mood or state of mind. Ironically, the fragrances that might most be expected to provide me with comfort are the ones I am most likely to avoid in these situations.

Am I weird, or do any of you, dear readers, ever feel the same way? I know a lot of perfume lovers turn to their comfort scents when under pressure, or feeling down, or whatever. Me, I'm the opposite. Now, lets hope things calm down - I need to wear more perfume!


  1. No, I understand completely. It happens to me. The way I described it to myself is that I am so tired and stressed that I cannot give the perfume the attention it needs, so I wait. :)

  2. I am happy that I stoped searching for perfect scent of signature scent... I am much happier now :) Also, I enjoy perfume losions much more than before :)
    So, not tired, but more relaxed :D

  3. Ines, I'm glad someone else feels the same as I do (not that I want you to feel tired or stressed, mind you!).

    Bellatrix, I 'm glad you're in a good place!

  4. Michael, I sometimes feel this way, too. However, I have a few go-to perfumes that always work, no matter what. And all of them are by Jean Claude Ellena. Jardin en Mediterranee, Sur le Nil and Kelly Caleche.

    In fact, in my unwisely huge full-bottle collection, these are the only perfumes that I have used up and re-purchased.

    They pick me up when I need a lift and they are beguiling, whether I want to enjoy their complexity or simplicity. Keep in mind that I am a huge Ellena fan (he has nailed this simple complexity concept), so I generally love his compositions.

    When I'm tired, burnt out and don't want to obsess about perfume as I normally do, it's nice to have a few that I can count on.

    Do you have go-to's in your collection?

  5. Thanks for the comment Josephine. I must admit that I don't really have any go-to's, but I can see myself feeling this way about both Gucci Pour Homme and L'Instant, which is a good thing, as they are the first full bottles I have purchased in some time.



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