Friday, 29 October 2010

It's the journey that matters

I mentioned quite recently that I had purchased two full bottles of Guerlain L'instant and Gucci Pour Homme. This is something that I seldom do. I don't own a lot of full bottles, concentrating mostly on samples, as my almost unquenchable thirst for learning about, and experiencing, perfume continues. However, I must say that having worn these two almost constantly for about two weeks (not simultaneously) I've quite enjoyed taking a break from the samples and simply wearing these perfumes and enjoying them for what they are, rather than moving swiftly onto the next 'big thing'. What I've found most illuminating is just how different these two perfumes have smelled each day, particularly the L'Instant. On some days it has been all about cocoa, patchouli and vanilla while at other times I've been struck by just how floral it can smell, particularly in the opening and heart. One thing that is relatively constant is the end-result vanilla, a Guerlain trademark. Not that L'Instant has much of that classic Guerlainade to me.

As much as I'm enjoying wearing just two perfumes, I know I will return to sampling quite soon. I still have too much to learn to stop now and I can't tread water for long. Perhaps that is just my slightly impulsive and restless nature sometimes!


  1. I'm not familiar with Gucci pour Homme, but I agree that L'Instant is quite wonderful-especially love the patchouli note. It is the fragrance I usually hand round for a try on with male friends. I love to see how much they and their wives enjoy it! Just trying to spread the joy of perfume, one friend at a time ; )

  2. Not a bad idea Cymbaline! If you can get your hands on the Gucci, do try it. It is very nice.



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