Friday, 8 March 2013

What I am...

Listening to:
A lot of Bob Dylan and a lot of The Band. Not entirely coincidentally, as you will discover later on. I'm enjoying playing The Weight on guitar, while Million Dollar Bash from the Basement Tapes is classic tongue-in-check-yet-insightful Dylan at his best, albeit at the time in post-accident obscurity.

Clinton Heylin's Bob Dylan: Beneath the Shades. If you're a Dylan fan, you probably know of this book already. It is very well written and while I am only halfway through it, it is fascinating. I know for some people Dylan may be a cliche, but the man in my opinion is infinitely complex and compelling.

A documentary about Jimi Hendrix. I can't remember the name of it as I write, but the most interesting thing for me is, again, how complex an artist and individual he was. Who knows what he might have been had he lived beyond a mere twenty seven years of age.

Still immensely sad. I can't stop dwelling on the death of that poor girl who was in my daughter's school. And more so, her poor parents.

Hoping for:
The return to health of my stepmother. She had a five-hour open-heart surgery last week to replace a faulty valve. A scary operation and a brave woman...

On International Women's Day, I'll leave you with a video from Jeff Buckley. Thanks Bob Dylan. And please take it in the right spirit...


  1. Michael, I know this is a melancholy time for you and I certainly understand why. Losing a child is every parent's nightmare and watching parents try to cope with that reality is beyond painful. There's something beautiful about the way you let yourself truly just...feel. Best wishes to your stepmother, and to you.

    1. Josephine, thank you for the kind words - I've mentally tried to 'project' that good karma on to the parents and also to my stepmother. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. Thank you for the Jeff Buckley gift, Michael. I've been so stuck on his "Hallelujah", I missed this gem.: ) I hope your stepmother heals quickly - and my best wishes to you, also.

    1. Cym, I happened on this one quite by accident. I was looking for Dylan videos generally and thought I'd check his one out as I loved Jeff Buckley anyway.



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