Wednesday, 6 March 2013

In memory

I was going to write a post this evening, but after hearing the terrible news that a girl in the same school as my daughter, Hannah, just a year ahed in fact, had passed away suddenly last night.

I didn't know the girl or her family, but my thoughts and prayers go out to her and in particular her family, who are left behind trying to come to terms with such a tragedy; a young life ended at the age of six or seven. I also think of the teachers at the school, who play such a big part in these children's lives at this point. It must be terrible for them too.

At times like this, life is put into stark perspective, and the thought of writing about perfume, what is essentially a luxury item in my life, is impossible and inappropriate.

What hits home at a time like this, rather selfishly I suppose, is that I have two children who could suffer the same fate and that just does not bear thinking of.

I know you are all scattered far and wide, dear readers, and this is just a small tragedy in the greater scheme of our world, but please if you can keep this anonymous girl and her family in your thoughts today, even if only for a few seconds.


  1. Her poor parents have my great sympathy. Who ever lives down the death of their child?

    1. Blacknall, indeed. I think it must be one of the most difficult situations to be in, just awful.

  2. As a mother of three my thoughts and prayers are with this family.

    1. Thanks Brie. I think as a parent of two girls myself, who are similar in age to the girl who passed away, it is terrifying.



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