Monday, 4 March 2013

Neil Morris - A Rose is a Rose

I received a sample of Neil Morris A Rose is a Rose quite a while ago from the ever-generous Cymbaline. I didn't try it for one reason or another until last week, when a sudden yearning awoke in me for roses. I don't know why - perhaps it is the desire for something that reminds me of summer and warmer weather, as this cold and grey winter slowly (excruciatingly so) eases into the most shy of springs.

A Rose is Rose is delightful. There's no other way to describe it really. The notes include peony, aldehydes, Bulgarian Rose, Arabian Rose, Moss Rose, myrtle wood and ambra musk. 

Two things struck me. Firstly, this is most definitely a rose perfume, in the best sense of the word/idea. Particularly in the top and middle notes. It starts quite fresh and dewy, then thickens into a rosy melange of the trio mentioned above, boosted by the excellent use of aldehydes. As a review on Cafleurebon so aptly puts it, the aldehydes 'dazzle, diffuse and lift the scent', lending it a fairly strong sillage. 

The second thing is, there's a lot of musk in here. In fact, the dry down is mostly musk to me, although the rose still shines through enough. My wife is a good barometer, perfume-wise and the first thing she said to me when I walked through the door in the evening was how nice I smelt. I don't get praise from her very often, so this is a good sign!


  1. I know what you mean about the cold weather! I have been craving orange blossom,lilac and lavender scents in anticpation of spring and warm weather...enough is enough! (although snow/sleet is expected tomorrow).

    1. Brie, this spring seems to be taking forever to arrive. We still have snowdrops flowering and the daffodils haven't flowered yet, which in my part of the world is quite unusual in this age of so-called global warming.



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