Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Parfumerie Generale Cuir D'Iris and Le Labo Oud 27

I wore Parfumerie General Cuir D'Iris today, not having tried it for possibly a year or more.  My original review, back when I was still starting my blog can be found here. It's startling sometimes how much one's perception of a perfume can alter over time. When I first wore Cuir D'Iris, I commented that I couldn't detect much leather, even less iris and loads of patchouli.  Trying it today, I still don't think it is a particularly strong leather fragrance, but I definitely detect more leather notes and the iris is there, now that I have more experience with the note. What surprised me most about my original review is the patchouli - I can't detect any now, and I consider myself quite able to sniff out patch in most things. Again, I put it down to lack of experience a couple of years ago. I feel that I appreciate Cuir D'Iris more. It's still not my favourite iris fragrance in the PG line; Iris Taizo (now called Iris Oriental) is still my first choice.

I also revisited Le Labo Oud 27. My original review can be found here. I don't think my perception of Oud 27 has changed that much. I perhaps detect more floral notes in the opening, but generally, it still smells very woody. The best thing about Oud 27, in my over-oud-saturated opinion, is that there is still nothing else on the market that smells like it. It isn't your typical oud perfume - you know, the type done by Montale for years or the type that started with YSL M7(as much as I enjoyed it) and is still being replicated in mainstream perfumery (and yes, Creed, I include your Royal Oud in that genre as well). It smells original, complex and inimitably Le Labo.

I know time moves on, but I am surprised how seldom I encounter any writing on perfumes like Oud 27 or Cuir D'Iris anymore. Is everyone only writing about the latest releases (I'm generalising, I know) these days, the next big thing?


  1. RE: "Is everyone only writing about the latest releases... the next big thing?" God, I hope not. I appreciate a heads-up about trends, but by gum, I cling to my belief that no GOOD perfume could be passe. And every new experience of a perfume, no matter how "old", is exciting and noteworthy.

  2. It is a bit of a generalisation to be fair. There are plenty of people who write about older/more established perfumes, but sometimes I feel like it is about the next release, the anticipation of, etc. I get seduced by that too sometimes.

  3. There *is* a lot of writing about the new stuff, especially at this time of year, but I'm always happy to see a review of something older that either I forgot to seek out, never saw, or should revisit. And I do love seeing how my takes on things change over time. Makes me want to try Cuir d'Iris again ...

  4. Natalie, thanks for the comment. I like revisiting perfumes I haven't tried for some time, as it amazes me sometimes how much my appreciation (or perception) of a perfume can change over time.



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