Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bois 1920 Come La Luna and Vento di Fiori

Bois 1920 is one of those perfume lines that I often overlook. I don't really know why. What I have tried is perfectly decent, but very little in their lineup jumps out and grabs me.

I've had samples of Come La Luna and Vento di Fiori for a couple of years now. I recall trying them once, maybe twice and since then they've languished in my perfume sample box, untouched. Well, I tried both again today.

Come La Luna, according to Luckyscent, is way over on the feminine side of the scale, yet without any preconceptions, I would never have said this is feminine. Neither is it massively masculine. I would say this is a perfect example of a unisex perfume. Come La Luna is described as a spicy amber perfume. Without going into it too deeply, I would say that is fairly accurate, but amber is by no means dominant here. It is well balanced by coriander and pink pepper and the base includes incense and patchouli. This means the amber never gets sweet or powdery, which for me is a Godsend. The cedar and patchouli make this quite a woody perfume. It smells plush and rather sedate in some ways, but not boring. Other reviews hint at a sensualness from the coriander. Perhaps that is true, but I wouldn't describe Come La Luna as a very sexy scent personally.

Vento di Fiori is a chypre, the style very much in evidence from the word go. It smells green and classic, with plenty of galbanum and oak moss. Musk, Siberian birch, tarragon and cardamom add enough of a twist to prevent it from becoming too mean, lean and green, if you know what I mean. I haven't much experience of classic vintage chypres, but plenty of reviews compared Vento di Fiori to a vintage Ma Griffe or Vent Verte, high praise indeed.

Of the two (and I like both) I think I preferred Vento di Fiori. It smelled a touch more classic, a touch more refined and was dry and mossy, which went well on my skin.


  1. Hi Michael, Vento di Fiori is something that's interested me for a while as I love green chypres, is it at all like Sous le Vent or Coriandre? Vent Vert I've smelled, but only reformulated so I get confused now by references to it.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I just got back from a camping trip so I'm behind on comments. I saw this review and one from Blacknall Allen that interested me just before sending off a Luckyscent sample order so I added Vento di Fiori and the Caron one she talked about to the order. I collected my mail a few minutes ago and see the pkg from Luckyscent arrived while I was gone - I can't wait to dig in! Probably should take a bath first though - whew, somebody smells bad : )!

  3. Blacknall, I have to admit that I've never tried Coriandre or Sous le Vent (or many vintage era chypres) so I can't really say. The reviews I found of Vento di Fiori suggested it smelled quite a lot like these. While it is definitely a chypre, it didn't strike me as bold as say Chanel 19, and isn't the leathery sort either, such as Bandit. Don't know if that helps!

  4. Cym, hope you enjoyed the camping trip! Interested to find out what you think of this one.

  5. I don't believe I've even tried anything from Bois 1920, so talk about overlooking! Thanks for the review.



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