Friday, 28 September 2012

Floris Mahon Leather

I got samples of Floris' Private Collection a few months ago, but must admit that I haven't really tried them until now. Mahon Leather was the one that I was most keen to try, being a fan of leathery fragrances. 

Floris' website states that Mahon Leather is inspired by the Spanish island of Minorca, the birthplace of Juan Famenias Floris. It is also inspired by a Minorcan liqueur called Calent, an infusion of wine and spices, and the aroma of leather horse tack. The notes include leather, saffron, deep woods, amber and vetiver.

I have to say that on skin I don't really identify any notes that smell like spice-infused wine, but Mahon Leather is certainly leathery. However, it isn't a whip-crack of leather or kinky BDSM paraphernalia. Rather, it does smell like Spanish leather, so read a fair amount of soapiness. I don't mind this, as I enjoy the smell, and there is enough vetiver, amber and woody notes to balance this, while never deviating too far from a leather theme. I'd say that Mahon Leather does seem quite gentlemanly, but in a good way. It certainly isn't slight or fleeting, but equally it isn't a powerhouse of a scent, which I personally think is a good thing, where leather is concerned. Even though there is that gentlemanly aspect to Mahon Leather, I think it could be worn by a woman, and indeed, I'd love to know what the ladies think of this one, if you've tried it before.


  1. I've long wanted to visit Minorca. Other than that I got nuthin'. I don't think I've ever tried anything by Floris, but Mahon Leather does sounds sniff worthy : )

  2. Cym, Floris is traditionally quite a staid, old-fashioned English perfume house, but don't let that deter you - they do some decent stuff, plus some of these more recent releases are quite interesting.



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