Monday, 4 July 2011

Work, perfume, life

And not necessarily in that order. In fact, definitely not in that order. Not usually. 

The last week has been a bit of a hellhole for me, work-wise. Deadlines galore, working until 3 in the morning to get work done and then cranky bosses who don't seem to appreciate all of this. Office politics can be a nasty, nasty thing and I am so glad that I am now on holiday for two weeks. My sister is visiting us for a few weeks and I am taking this time off to be with her and my family. I only see my sister every other year - living in the Southern Hemisphere means she is far away, and we struggle to fund expensive flights more regularly than this. I left work on Friday having not quite finished everything, but you know what? Sod it...

I was in London last Wednesday and managed to fit in a quick stop at Les Senteurs, where I got some samples of Moni Di Orio's Les Nombres D'or line. I got Tuberose, Ambre and Musk. I also got a sample of one of Pierre Guillaume's perfumes from his new line, Fareb. A little stunner it is too, reminiscent of Pure Distance's M. I also tried Cuir by LT Piver, a little off the radar for me, but actually it is a nice leather indeed. I wanted a sample of Amouage's Opus V but was told I wasn't allowed one. Anyone know why this would be the case? In any event, on paper it is pungent and to my nose a little like Malle's Portrait of a Lady, without as much rose and more focus on oud.

So for the next two weeks my priorities are going to be life, perfume.... and no work! Hooray!


  1. Michael, I SO get where you are, work wise. I'm sort of in 'sod it' mode myself and wishing I had a couple of weeks off...

    Enjoy yourself, your family and perfume!

  2. Josephine, thank you. I wish you had two weeks off too! Hopefully you will have a break soon....



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