Saturday, 30 July 2011

Creed Royal Oud

Just a quick post today. I was at John Lewis at Bluewater today. For those of you not in the UK, John Lewis is a large chain of department stores, while Bluewater is a large shopping centre just off the M25 London Orbital, south-east of London.

I noticed that John Lewis is stocking the latest Creed, Royal Oud, so I tried it. Creed tends to be hit or miss with me. Some I love, but many, particularly in the millesime format, leave me cold. Happily, I can say that I liked Royal Oud. I wouldn't say that it is screamingly original, but I particularly enjoyed the first half of development, when the oud is a bit smoky and woody, with touches of citrus and woods. Later on it sweetens considerably, at which point the oud starts to smell a lot, at least to me, like the style embodied by Dior's Fahrenheit Absolute, which while not bad, is not totally my style. In the dry down I also detect a bit more of that 'general' Creed note, which I suppose is their ambergris, which to me always smells a bit metallic, again not my favourite style.

However, overall I quite like Royal Oud and it certainly knocks spots off Aventus, at least in my opinion.

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