Friday, 22 July 2011

Six Scents Series 1 - No 1

I tried a couple of samples from Six Scents a few months ago and was struck by how unusual they were. The packaging and design, pictured left, look quite slick and 'urban', at least to me. 

I tried no 1, from series 1, which according to Luckyscent include notes of erogenous cedar wood, amber fond, lemon, cassis de bourgeons, lime, green apple, apricot, jasmine, tagete, freesia, cinnamon and musk. That is a seriously strange selection of notes, heavily weighted to fruit and florals. When I made some notes, I wrote that it 'opens very fruity. Pineapple, I'm sure. Smells like a pineapple boiled sweet'. 

Although the notes don't mention pineapple, that is what it smells like to me - sweet, fruity, yet slightly tart at the same time. Although not repulsive, it was not the opening I wanted or expected. Quite bizarre to say the least. Underneath all the fruit is a hint of green, suggestive of lush, fleshy leaves. After the top fades, it remains to me as an essentially sweet, candied pineapple. The strange thing is that no 1 began to grow on me, as it isn't as cloying as I at first thought it would be, or end up, but still, I wouldn't say it is a fragrance I would choose to wear on a daily basis. 

In the dry down no 1 does lose that intense fruit candied smell and I detect what smells like sweet but soft woods, more like sandalwood than cedar. So, what is the verdict? As I said, no 1 turns out to be far more wearable than I first thought it would be. Top marks for quirkiness and originality and it is actually a very good perfume, in my opinion. Odd, but oddly wearable.

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