Monday, 20 June 2011

Sandalwood, and pickles?

This is not a very original post, since it is based primarily on what I have recently read on a number of other blogs. The perfume in question is Le Labo's Santal 33. Something that people have mentioned when writing about this perfume is a dill pickle note in the opening and this note seems to manifest itself in sandalwood prominent perfumes. Well, I read this and sort of dismissed it out of hand as being rather an odd thing to notice. I have tried numerous sandalwood perfumes and products over the years and have never noticed this note.

Today I wore Sandalo Inspiritu by DSH, which incidentally is a lovely perfume, but I have written about it before and don't intend to go into detail here. Suffice to say that this time, as I applied it, I was immediately struck by a dill pickle note, which amazed me. Now, I am certain that having read quite a lot about Santal 33 recently my mind must have been opened to the possibility of this accord and perhaps I was therefore more receptive to identifying it, even if only subliminally. Actually, the smell of dill and pickles are both very pleasant to me, so I was slightly amused to identify this and actually liked the fact that I experienced a slightly different take on a perfume that I am already quite familiar with.

Have any of you made this association with any sandalwood perfumes?


  1. If Le Feu d'Issey counts as a sandalwood perfume, then I can report noticing a "pepperoncini" note. I kid you not! Pepperoncini and Vick's cough drops. Otherwise, I can't say that I have experienced this in sandalwood fragrances, and I have a few new ones to test this week. I'll report back if the pickle note appears. :-)

  2. Queen Cupcake I haven't tried Le Feu d'Issey but the combination of pepperoncini and Vicks is bizarre to say the least!

  3. nope, but now I want to try them - I love pickles!

  4. Frida I'm going to try a few more myself and see if this happens again...



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