Saturday, 14 May 2011

Weekly roundup and bloggers block

I never thought I would say this, but over the last six weeks I have found myself increasingly in the position of experiencing a mild form of writer's block, or bloggers block as I have named it above. To be fair, I am extremely busy at work and that never helps, but I do find myself making a few rough notes on perfumes I have tried, or making mental notes of things I want to say, then when I sit down at the computer, I simply feel no compelling inspiration to type. It's more a form of procrastination than a block really, as all the ideas are there in my head. I hope it passes, because I do love blogging and am still very interested in perfume and trying lots of perfume, to be honest.

This week was mostly about trying some of my older samples. One that caught my attention in particular was Diptyque's Philosykos, possibly the best fig fragrance I know, in my opinion. Actually, I am not generally a massive fan of fig in perfume. I don't mind it, but it doesn't move me like some other styles do. Having said that, I do love Philosykos and with Tam Dao, it is my favourite in the Diptyque line. I think what I like is that the fig smells like fig to me. The whole tree, not just the fruit or the milky sap. It starts quite milky green, then gets a touch 'fruitier' and finally mellows to a woodiness that is suffused with subtle fig notes. A masterpiece in my opinion.

Another thing I have been doing a lot more of recently is giving away samples to friends. Not bloggers who live in other countries, but just my ordinary, every day friends, many of whom are not at all fanatical about fragrance. It's also a way of culling my ever-growing collection of samples, which is wholly unmanageable now. My drawers at work are overflowing with samples, and these days I do not have any idea what is in my collection. I mean, I do have a general idea, but it is a hazy recollection at best!

What I'd be interested in hearing from you, dear perfume bloggers, is whether any of you have experienced a period of bloggers block, and secondly, whether you also like giving away samples to friends and family, even if they aren't massive fans of perfume.

Have a good weekend all, and wherever you are, I hope it is sunny and fragrance-filled!


  1. Michael, the same thing happens to me a few times a year. Usually when I'm stressed out - I have a lot of things I'd like to write about, I just don't feel I0m in the right state of mind for writing (like anything I might say will turn out extremely stupid and boring).
    It passes rather fast (or as soon I get time to relax a bit). :)

    Btw, I give away a lot of samples (and decants and bottles) to friends who express any interest or I think they might like something.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I don't have a blog, but I do have a (probably not) unique problem of commenting block. There are so many wonderful perfume blogs and I just don't have time to read AND comment as much as I would like. I absolutely do read your blog regularly though so please keep up the great work!

    It certainly was apropos to read your thoughts on Philosykos and samples to friends today. I'm attending a birthday party this afternoon and was told an "into perfume" guest would also be attending. I thought a 'spring theme' sample pack would be fun and I included my favorite fig perfume-Philosykos along with Diorissimo, Apres L'Ondee and Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. Hope she likes them- I know I'm excited!

    A lovely week-end to you and your family and I really enjoy the children's photos too : )

  3. The other day at work, our young IT person who always wears cologne of some sort was working on my computer and I gave him my sample of Sacre Coeur - he loved it!

  4. Michael, I don't know what your aim/goal was when you started your blog, but what I'd say is this: you're meant to enjoy it. If it becomes a chore, have a break. We'll still be here, waiting ;-)

    And yes, the stresses of the Real World do invade and interfere on a regular basis... but there's not much that can be done about that.

    Just blog whenever inspiration grabs you.

  5. I've never experienced NOT having a blogger's block. Actually, me writing it is my attempt to fight that block :)

    I'm constantly trying to allure more unsuspecting victims into my ...hobby. So I give out samples all the time.

  6. Michael, blogger's block is common, so don't worry about it. Luckily, there's enough perfume blogs out there that no one should ever feel at a loss for good reading. And once you like a blogger's work, you always come back for always look forward to when they come back from their break.

    Btw, I love your photos of your two darling girls and your cat. (That cat just looks like she knows she's a knockout). :)

  7. Hi everyone. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I would usually reply to each of you but I'm afraid I'm busy, busy, busy. I do appreciate the thoughts and ideas though!



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