Thursday, 19 May 2011


I'm off for a week's holiday tomorrow, so no blogging from me for a few days. Not that I've been doing much, but anyway...

We're heading west over to Cornwall, for those of you who know the UK. Somewhere between Newquay and Padstow. I must admit that it will be great to get away to the seaside, far away from the usual everyday life!

On the perfume front, not much to say really. I hope to wear some perfume on holiday, but I'm still deciding what might be nice. I'm thinking possibly of Sel de Vetiver for starters, with a couple of nice incenses. Ah, who knows!

Till later, all the best.


  1. have a wonderful time, Michael!! Rock that Sel de Vetiver!

  2. Hello Michael
    I was fortunate enought to visit Roja Dove at Harrods and fell in love with Pierre de Velay, but cannot buy it anywhere in the States. I have found Lalique Perles very similar but not the same. Do you know where I can buy de Velay?



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