Friday, 26 November 2010

Scent of the day - layering rose and incense

Although incense and rose are by no means an unfamiliar combination, one often thinks of this in a middle-eastern sense, or at least I do. 

Today I layered a rose fragrance and an incense fragrance, each of which has its roots firmly in the west. In the case of Domenico Caraceni 1913, Italy, and Incense Pure by Sonomo Scent Studio, sunny California in the USA. 

In reality, Domenico Caraceni is not a rose soliflore by any means. In fact, it contains geranium, styrax, rose, tobacco, cypress and even frankincense. I like it straight up, but do find it a bit demure, if such a word can be used for a men's fragrance. However, combined with the austerity and beautiful simplicity of Incense Pure, I find the result a heavenly blend of rose and resins. 

Layering can be hit-or-miss. To my mind it usually works or it doesn't. When it does work, then bam! we're talking rock 'n roll.


  1. Michael, don't you just love that? The accidental (or not so accidental) layering triumph? What you mention sounds lovely, although I am not familiar with either of the perfumes involved.

    May have to try...

  2. Josephine, Luckyscent stocks Caraceni 1913, while the SSS samples were obtained directly from them - very good value too I might add. Perhaps pay their website a visit!

  3. Michael, you are too cute "...bam! we're talking rock 'n roll!" :) love it!

  4. Frida, I'm a sad case, I know....!



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