Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanskgiving

To all of you out there who are American and celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you all a blessed time together with friends and family. Wherever you are, I hope you wear a perfume that is really special and has good memories for you.


  1. Thanks Michael - the husband is cooking and the son and his girlfriend are coming over soon. I actually don't know yet what perfume I'll be wearing, but I think a Lutens may be appropriate so off I go to look at my samples!

  2. Frida, might Arabie be appropriate for Thanksgiving? It's not my favourite Lutens but for some reason I could see it working!

  3. I don't believe I have a sample of that one - so I'm wearing Borneo! But now I'll have to go into my stash of Lutens and see if I DO have Arabie!

  4. Good luck if you do find it Frida. It's a bit of a polarising fragrance - people tend to either love it or hate it.



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