Thursday, 4 November 2010

Perfume grief

It's pathetic, I know, but I've recently suffered a perfume bereavement. My full sample set of Amouage perfumes has gone missing, and I haven't a clue where it is. The last time I saw the box was at my work (yes, I do horde perfumes in my desk at work, sicko that I am). It's going to seem crazy, but I think I left the box in the toilet, where I was applying one of the samples, so God only knows where its got to now.

Yes, perhaps I need to get a life. In the meantime, I shall keep searching - I won't give up hope yet.....


  1. Yikes - that does sounds like a perfume tragedy in the making. I hope it turns up.

    By the way - a couple of days ago I posted a list of bottles that I've got to trade. Not sure if you've had a look. Do let me know if there are any swaps you'd like to make.

  2. Michael, Michael, Michael, Amouage in the toilet?

    Despite this faux pas, I send you my best wishes for your samples to return home safely. I would be feeling just as you are.

    Sending Good Luck Vibes!

  3. Michael, I have to say it sounds as though you've reacted remarkably calmly. If I ever lose my Amouage set, I suspect my response will register on the Richter scale.

    Hope the samples turn up!

  4. Since you admitted it first, I can go now too. I also keep a horde of samples in my desk at work. :) Although my Amouage samples are safe at home (not that I have so many of them).

  5. Ack! I'm so sorry.

    I'm grieving my own bottle of L'Eau Rare Matale. As far as I know, it never left the house, but I can't find it, _and_ I travelled recently, so I fear for it.

  6. Thanks for all the comments guys. I still haven't found it, so we'll see :-(

    Good to see that I am not the only perfume weirdo....



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