Sunday, 1 August 2010

Random musings

This is not the most perfume-specific post for the start of August, but I've experienced a July that generally I'd rather forget. It had some highlights, to be sure, including my birthday (actually, on reflection, that might not be such a highlight ;-) ), and the fact that I still have the privilege of spending quality time with my wife and two young daughters, a fact I am very grateful for. However, July has been a month of crazy work deadlines and pressures, key staff leaving my firm, nights out of town (which I hate, as I don't like being away from my family), plus some monetary pressures. Forgive the sob story, but money is too tight to mention, which is not a pleasant subject and that is all I will say on the matter. I haven't made any perfume purchases since May, which is unusual for me, but necessary. One good thing about this is that it has forced me to revisit some old favourites, and even dig out bottles of perfume I actually own. Now isn't that a novelty?

The worst part of July, perfume-wise, is that with all the stress and pressure, I've really struggled to feel in the mood to wear perfume. In a way it is strange, because I often find fragrance a comfort, yet ironically I've felt so lacklustre that on many days I just couldn't be bothered. I think part of it is that I am loathe to create a negative association with a perfume. I can think f two examples of this in my perfume past. The first was when I went for an important job interview a couple of years ago. It was my first change of jobs for many years and a crucial changing point in my life. I remember I had been given a bottle of Terre D'Hermes for Christmas and I wore it to this January interview. Although it went well and turned out well, I was terrified and my fear of that situation is associated still with Terre D'Hermes; every time I wear Terre that smell still brings back that memory of fear. Another more recent example was at the end of last year when I was wearing Havana Vanille on one wrist and Nicolai Pour Homme on the other. Later that particular day I came down with the most awful headache and gastric flu I've ever had. Even now, eight months later, the smell of either of those two perfumes immediately recalls that exact feeling of being sick and I can't wear them - they make me want to retch. 

Anyway, I aim to be more positive this month and make a concerted effort to wear my favourite  perfumes every day and take control of my work situation and hopefully my finances too, rather than the other way round. 

On a last note, August is always a slightly melancholy month for me. I think part of it is to do with that atmosphere of most people being on holiday and also the fact that summer is winding down. Gone is the fresh greenness of spring and early summer, the blooms are fading, the grass is dry. The hay is cut and the days are humid and stifling. Does anyone have a suggestion for a perfume that will beat my late-summer-days blues?

If any of you are lucky enough to be going on holidays this month, I wish you a happy break and rest.


  1. Michael, I really enjoyed the honesty of this post.

    I might suggest Hermes' Jardin en Mediterranee as it always seems to bring me back to myself, for lack of a better description. You may enjoy it.

    Take care of yourself and Happy Birthday!

  2. Josephine, thanks for you comments, as always. I'll give the Hermes another go. I think I have tried it before and recall quite liking it. Regards, Michael



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