Monday, 14 June 2010

Serge Lutens - Bas de Soie update

As I mentioned on the weekend, I tried the new Serge Lutens release Bas de Soie, on skin, and my initial impressions can be read here. What I said at the time was that I thought it developed on my skin as a leather scent, rather than the described iris and hyacinth accords. Well, today I decided to spray Bas de Soie on a blotter and I was immediately overwhelmed by a prominent hyacinth note, extremely bold and quite feminine. It's amazing how this didn't show up so distinctly on my skin. I can also detect Iris, although quite a strange one. I have read a review that describes Bas de Soie as an ultraviolet rendition of hyacinth and iris and I must admit, on paper it is a bit oddball. On my skin I found it hard to perceive this and as I said, it felt like a cross between a soapy Spanish leather and a Russian leather. Weird. I've had a eureka moment, but I still feel quite confused. On paper Bas de Soie is forceful and brash; on my skin it is more subdued and very nice. 

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  1. Interesting indeed! Your skin must suck up hyacinths!

  2. I can't say I'm complaining. Although I quite like the heady smell of hyacinth on a winter or early spring day, I don't really fancy it on my person....

  3. Funny how different scent can be on skin and on paper. I love Hyacinth but haven't tried this one yet.

  4. Then I think you should try this, although be warned (certainly for me anyway) it is a little bit ugly and nice at the same time, but sometimes that's the beauty of perfume!



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