Saturday, 12 June 2010

Samples confusion

This is a slightly silly post, but does anyone else feel slightly overwhelmed with both their samples/perfume collection and obsession? I'm sure my collection is by no means large, but for me I am really struggling to keep on top of my samples. My drawers are crammed full with atomisers, carded samples, vials, boxed sets, you name it. I don't have a very good system of keeping tabs of what I've got! Even more worrying is that it really takes me quite a long time each day to decide what I want to sample. If I have new stuff to try, it is quite easy, as I just work through it fairly systematically, but when it comes to perfume I have tried at least once before, it takes ages to decide. I'm finding it even trickier in summer, as a lot of the perfume I like seems to be better suited to the cooler months. This situation hasn't curbed my desire to sample more though. If it weren't for my limited finances I think I'd be ordering new stuff every other day.....

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  1. Tell me about it. On occasion, I plunder through samples I forgot I even had and wonder when on earth I will get a chance to give them an honest try, and then write about them? And, like you, I would order samples and decants constantly if my pocketbook - and sanity - didn't intervene. I would suggest you try some of your fall/winter scents now - they are experienced completely different in the summer. I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks Josephine. I'll do as you suggest. In fact, I often find that some notes (which I originally would have thought would do better in cooler weather, such as rose, incense and oud) do perform much better on my skin in warmer rather than cooler weather, and probably vice versa. I shouldn't have such preconceived ideas sometimes!

  3. I felt pretty stupid when I look at my collection and found many perfumes that I didn't adore and in the same time got them because there weren't expensive...

    Now I have 24 perfumes, I love them ALL and I have around 150 samples... I test them, I give them away, I swap them and I enjoy in every single second.

    If you are sick of samples - you can always give me some hahahah



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