Thursday, 24 June 2010

Perfume frustration

I'm afraid a silly post today folks. I've had one of those days that started ridiculously early and it was downhill from there. I was up at 5 am this morning, as I had to attend a business breakfast with clients, followed by an intense morning of work, a meeting that lasted my whole lunch hour, more meetings and crappy work issues the afternoon, and staff issues that took me into the evening. To top it all, I never got the chance to eat any lunch, as I had no cash and when I tried to draw money from a cash machine, my card wasn't working. Aaarrrh!!! The worst part about today though, was that I didn't even get around to trying or wearing any perfume. I know this sounds silly, particularly when we all live in a world that has so many problems and more pressing issues in our lives than a spray of perfume. However, for me perfume is a relaxation, a meditation, and an escape from my more mundane life. To go through a day without wearing any is pure frustration for me, and puts me in a bad mood. Does this seem like an extreme reaction? Probably, but I suppose we all have our vice, and perfume is mine.....


  1. I don't like days without perfume either, so you're not alone.

    Hope tomorrow turns out to be better :-)

  2. You know, you're among friends here!

    The nice thing about nasty days is that you can always look forward to better ones.

    Hang in there, and keep scented.

  3. OMG - I so get it! And you're right; after a crappy day, there's nothing better or more comforting than perfume. I must play with perfume every day (I always wear a scent during the day, then experiment with at least one other in the evening.

    We're freaks. Let's embrace it.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I do appreciate it, and am glad that I'm not the only perfume obsessive person around!



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