Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hello, I'm still alive and out there people

Just in case anyone forgets that I still exist, I haven't gone away or decided to stop blogging. But thanks to those of you that were concerned. *

I guess July has just been one of those months crammed with lots of events and activities that have taken my attentions and energies away from perfume and blogging. In fact, over the last few months I've come to realise that there is a lot more to my life than simply sitting in front of a computer writing my own posts and reading others. No offense to any 'regulars' or otherwise reading this - I still enjoy reading other people's sites and perfume reviews, but it just isn't that compelling for me at present.

Of course, over the last month I have become a British citizen, had my sister come to visit for three weeks (I only get to see her roughly once every two years), got bogged down in crappy work pressures, and turned forty. In between all of this I have worn some perfume, but in the heat wave we're currently experiencing, many of my favourite types of perfumes are not enticing - who wants strong tobaccos, ambers, leathers and the like when it is 30 degree plus with 90 percent humidity?

So apologies for coming across slightly curmudgeonly and flippant even, but that's just the way it is at present. I have a few things to write about, and perhaps I'll fit them in this month. If not, I am sure they can wait. Either way, I doubt the perfume world is waiting with baited breath!

Till later, ciao for now.

* In fact, no one was particularly concerned, I just wanted to add that for dramatic effect


  1. Hey life wanders on, no problem. Congrats on the Citizenship


    1. Thanks Nick. The citizenship process took up a lot more time and energy than I ever thought it would, but worth it in the end!

  2. Hello there you newly minted Brit cit!

    Always good to hear from you, no matter what time has passed.

    Yeah, the heat the HEAT - it was horrible here too and perfume was the last thing on my mind as well.

    1. Thanks Carol, always good to hear from you. I moan about the heat, but I think you get it far worse on your side of the pond.

  3. Count me as "not concerned, but glad you're back." :) I also relate to your comments about the time spent blogging and reading blogs. I like doing it, but given how many blogs there are now that I have gradually come to feel I "should" read (through my own pressure - I doubt anyone cares if I read or not), it is a major time commitment. And, I've decided I'm not really willing to make it right now. So I'm reading when I feel like it, blogging when I feel like it, and otherwise not.

    Congrats on your citizenship!

  4. Thanks Natalie. It seems like you have the balance (or the idea of it) just right.



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