Friday, 7 June 2013

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I have just bought the new album by Laura Marling, Once I Was An Eagle. This brilliant English singer-songwriter is only 23 years old and this is her fourth album release in as many years. Some people have called her the English Joni Mitchell, and while that may be flattering, it also doesn't do her total justice, as she is very much her own artist. She is about as non-mainstream as you get, so you aren't likely to find her in the top twenty, but give me Laura any day over Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Beyonce and the like...

I'm also revisiting Neil Young, one of my favourite artists, after having read his great autobiography. More about that later.


Lots of stuff. I really enjoyed seeing Watchmen, which is based on the Marvel comic/graphic novel series. The film is a very realistic cinematic take on the comics, and very noir, but brilliantly done.

I've also been following a very good TV show hosted by Elvis Costello, who interviews and plays with (in some instances) some well known musicians, such as Rufus Wainright, Lou Reed and even Bill Clinton, who is somewhat of a music aficionado.


As mentioned above, Neil Young's autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, is a good read. Like Neil himself, the book is long, rambling, hippie, meandering, odd, eccentric, and in places downright genius.

Game of Thrones. Yes, I am soldiering on. Will it ever end....

There is a lot more than this, but I'd be interested in finding out what you are up to. Any recommendations?


  1. There's a TV show hosted by Elvis Costello, and Rufus was on?!?! Two of my favorite musicians. I must look this up.

    1. Natalie, I don't know which channel it would have showed on in the States. I think it may be a Canadian production. The Rufus one was particularly good by the way and ended with a guest performance by his mother.

  2. Recently-
    listened to Eagles Long Road Home (many songs resonated with me on many levels) before gifting it to a very dear friend

    Watched- season three of Downton Abbey (finally got it from the library after being on a ridiculously long wait list and had a marathon weekend of watching as it was due back in a week!)...was much darker than season one and two

    Read- Why is the Human on Earth? by Marc Ballabon (before gifting it away to someone I knew would appreciate it as much as I do) This is my all time favourite book and will now need to purchase another copy! Also, read Touch at my best friend's suggestion- profoundly moving and very much enjoyed by me.



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