Friday, 14 June 2013

SOTD - Olympic Orchids Gujarat

Olympic Orchids do some very interesting perfumes. Today I wore Gujarat, which as the name implies, is inspired by India. 

Olympic Orchids describe Gujarat thus: "Like a full-scale Bollywood extravaganza, Gujarat is made with just about every spice you can name and some you probably never even heard of, softened and sweetened with exotic tropical flowers, supported on a base of smoky woods, resins, and balms, and garnished with a dash of chili and a twist of lime. Don’t worry - it doesn’t smell like curry. Gujarat is like nothing you’ve ever smelled before. You may love it, you may hate it, but either way you’ll have a unique and exotic perfume experience."

What I like about this house and Ellen Covey, is that they freely admit you may love it or hate it, a bit like Marmite (perhaps only a Brit will appreciate that). I don't know what Gujarat actually contains, but on my skin it smells like a supercharged marmalade being made, using the most intense Seville Orange rinds imaginable. This bitter orange smell, sweet yet bitter, fragrant, complex, is complemented by an undertone of spices and wood, yet at no time can I pin down what they are. 

I have to admit that while I like Gujarat, I don't think I could wear it every day. It is very intense, but equally, I have never smelt another perfume remotely like it, which speaks volumes, at least to me.


  1. I really appreciate Ellen Covey's approach to perfume compositions. She doesn't create perfumes so people will "like" them- she really follows her own muse. Ballets Rouges, Dev 4, and Cafe V are my favorites, but I'm getting to know others as well. There's no other line like it out there.

    1. Marla, these perfumes definitely don't feel like consumer-focus creations, thank God. I haven't tried the ones you mention - what are they like?

  2. Have heard nothing but rave reviews on this line but have yet to try any samples...this must be rectified immediately, say I as I head off to the website right now......



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