Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Scent of the day - Andy Tauer Incense Extreme

Those of you who've read my blog over the years will possibly know that I am a big fan of much of Andy Tauer's earlier work, and Incense Extreme is a case in point.

It was a sad occasion today as I finally finished my sample, which I've had for what must be over four years now. I bought it as part of a sample pack directly from Andy Tauer and the size is very generous. I know it may seem slightly silly to be attached to a small sample of perfume, rather than a full bottle, for example, but I've worn its contents on a few occasions over the years, each time feeling uplifted by what is a beautiful perfume. 

One is almost tempted to say: "they don't make 'em like they used to"....



  1. It's amazing to me how long Andy's samples last. I lived on one of Une Rose Vermeille for ages.

    1. Natalie that's true. Andy's perfumes, particularly the older ones, have some serious strength and longevity, so as you rightly point out, samples do last ages.



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