Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Parfums De Nicolai - Weekend a Deauville

Regular readers of my blog will probably know of my slightly uncomfortable relationship with the De Nicolai perfumes. Of those I've tried, I've experienced a viscerally bad reaction, verging on nausea. I must add that this is not necessarily a reflection of the perfumes themselves; indeed, many people are great fans of the perfumes and perhaps it is just an unfortunate skin chemistry thing with me.

On a more positive note, Weekend a Deauville does not react badly with me at all. On the contrary, it behaves well on my skin and I like it. Luckyscent lists the notes as bergamot, petitgrain, galbanum, lily of the valley, rose, mimosa, pink pepper, pepper, clove, oakmoss and styrax. The perfume is green, no doubt about it, but not austere at all. It is fairly light, laid back and reminiscent of the smell of grass, as in being in a meadow, at least as I perceive it.

There is a touch of spice to Weekend a Deauville, and a nice floral touch from the lily of the valley and rose, but it is not that feminine on my skin. It smells like a day in the countryside, on a late spring day, verging on hot, but not quite there yet.

In short, this is a lovely fragrance and a clear winner to me.


  1. Interesting to get your take on this line - I have yet to find a Nicolai fragrance that wows me. I do have a problem with nausea with Sacrebleu for example, but mostly it is just the scents that underwhelm me. But Deauville was pretty, certainly!

  2. intersting post. i think you always try and you should share experience.



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