Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lisa Hannigan

I thought I'd take a break from perfume today and post a link to a great You Tube video of Lisa Hannigan performing a trio of songs including the touching 'Little Bird' in the NPR Music Studios. If you've never heard of her, she used to sing with Damien Rice (that isn't him to the left of her by the way). Both are Irish singer-songwriters. If you enjoy intimate studio recordings, I'd recommend you have a look at some of the other Tiny Desk performances; they are very good indeed.

Incidentally, my scent of the day was Amouage Jubilation XXV. It smells as beautiful today as any other time I've worn it. Full bottle worthy.


  1. Love it! and thanks for the Tiny Desk tip : )

  2. Pleasure - did you find Tinariwen's performance?

  3. Oh yeah - Tinariwen and a bunch more good stuff : ) Have fun on the Isle of Wight!



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