Friday, 8 June 2012

Post-Jubilee blues

Following our four-day weekend to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (which by the way,  was great save for the depressing grey and wet weather) I feel that this working week, which was only three days long, felt more like thirty three days. It's funny how that works sometimes - perhaps its the mental idea that the week will feel short, but in reality one tends to try to squeeze five days work into three, in my experience.

The good news is that it is weekend again! As with last week, I have felt myself slip into a bit of a perfume slump, feeling less motivated to write about perfume. I'm sure it will pass. I've worn some perfume and particularly enjoyed the new Mahon Leather by Floris (more to come on the Floris line next week). I also revisited Frederic Malle's Un Rose, which I am fairly certain is still my favourite in the line. 

I ended the working week by wearing Delrae's Panache. It's a really good perfume. It was created by Yann Vasnier, who has done some great work with Divine in particular, and is essentially a slightly spicy floral woody-musk, with vetiver, amber and honey to round it off. The wood is oak, which is a nice twist on the woody theme. Panache is one of those perfumes that improves with each wearing, I think. When I first smelled it, it was nice but hardly blew me away. As I wear it more, I've come to appreciate its understated sophistication. While it is quite floral, it is nicely balanced and easily gender-neutral.

Whatever you get up to this weekend, have a good one!

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