Saturday, 16 June 2012

Layout change

I have been experimenting with some different blog layouts recently (not live) and am now trying something quite different to what I have used before.

I'd appreciate it if regular users (or otherwise - always happy to have new visitors) could provide me with some feedback on how easy it is to navigate and read generally. I'm not the sort of person who tinkers much with the visuals of my blog - anyone who has followed my musings for the last couple of years will know that I seldom bother with bringing in all the pictures and poetry. This is possibly down to laziness as much as anything else!

Today I did not wear any perfume. In a strange way (pathetic, I know) I feel slightly bereft and out of sorts. Could my perfume passion actually be an addiction?

Enjoy the weekend everybody.


Ok I haven't had much feedback, but irrespective, I am finding it difficult to navigate my new layout, so it is a change back to the old, with a slightly new background. I had high hopes... Sob.


  1. Well, I kind of miss the brown if I am honest - I liked the "old library" / parchment? feel of your other format. : - )

    On the plus side this layout and typeface is perfectly clear, optimum size for ease of reading etc, but rather plain without the visuals.

    Hope you are feeling better soon - I am not wearing any perfume either, so you have company!

  2. I agree with Vanessa, that this is easy to read, but I'm not getting any feel for you personally. When we met in London, I found you to be lively, knowledgeable and fun - bring it on!

  3. Vanessa and Cym, thanks for the feedback. I'll play around a bit more and see if I can make it a bit more vibrant. I think what I like about this particular template is that it is seems a bit more modern in terms of how it interfaces and has hidden menus that slid out from the right, etc, but agree that it could do with a bit more zip.



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