Friday, 22 June 2012

A midsummer night's nightmare

The 20th of June was the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Forget about new-age druids dancing around Stonehenge, the bright rays of sun skimming the horizon. Forget about elfin characters and pixies gliding through verdant glades. Instead, if you live in the UK, the midsummer night's dream turns swiftly into the midsummer night's nightmare, as the wind howls across the land, threatening to tear up trees in full leaf and rain floods southern villages and summer music festivals. That's Britain for you.

Now that I've vented my spleen, frustrated at our lack of summer, I don't have anything more exciting to say, other than today I wore no perfume at all. It happens occasionally, especially when work hits its peak and for some reason, I can't bear to wear anything when I'm in a bad mood.

The good news is that I am not really in such a bad mood. It's Friday night and and at least we have a weekend to enjoy!


  1. We had temps in the 90s the last coupla of days - that made ME cranky - at least I finished reading a book since it was too hot to do much else.

    Have a lovely weekend, Michael!!!

  2. Carol, thanks, you too. Hope it cools down where you are (hot, cold - there's no pleasing anyone!)

  3. Haha, the weather here (Sweden) has been so bad as well, I still haven't posted my "spring fumes"-post yet as I don't feel summer has started yet. But yesterday the weather miraculously did collect itself, we actaully did have a decent Midsummers Eve, so at least that was good. And today we're back to cold and rain again... I don't know what to say, just hang in there!

  4. I guess that's what we have to deal with living in northern climes! There is still two months of summer left (three if we include September, which these days, at least in the UK, tends to be one of our better months)!



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