Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Post-Christmas catchup

Well, Christmas is now over and recycling bins country-wide in the UK are filled to the brim with torn wrapping paper, cardboard, plastic and booze bottles. And so the slippery slide to New Year begins....

On a more positive note, my family and I really enjoyed the last few days, although strangely enough I didn't receive any fragrance-related gifts nor did I wear much perfume. With all the spare time on my hands I didn't blog either. I've been looking through all the blogs this evening and to my chagrin everyone seems to have been blogging away like the holidays haven't happened! Drat...

I've been trying some of the perfumes that Carol sent me a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed  Lumberjack Man by Essential Alchemy, a very cedar-intense perfume that avoids the usual cedar cliches. Gingembre by DSH was also very good. I haven't been to the shops much, but I doubt there have been any new launches in this festive period. I did notice on one brief excursion that the usual fragrance box sets are being flogged - does anyone actually buy these? I suppose they do or else they wouldn't be marketed with such fervour in the lead-up to Christmas.

I notice that a lot of bloggers are getting into the end of year list thing again. You know, the best and worst, etc. I'm half-tempted to try one myself, but if I'm being honest, I don't know if I can be bothered. After all, I'm sure that there are dozens out there who could do such a thing far better than me.


  1. I did a list last year, of perfumes that I smelled for the first time in 2009. But in 2009, I'd only been blogging for two and a half months. This year I've already written what I think, so I suspect that I won't be listing either; it would just be a clip show.

    But I'd disagree with the idea that others would do it "better". Your blog is, in part, you and your nose and your views. Nobody's going to write about your perfume perceptions better than you. And we're clearly interested in those perceptions, or we wouldn't be reading. :)

  2. yeah what CF said!

    I'm not doing any end of the year thing; mainly because I haven't been blogging quite a year yet and I'm still getting my nose around things.

    Happy New Year Michael and your family! I have so enjoyed your blog and know I will continue to do so.

  3. Oh, go for it, Michael. I'm doing my own perfumes of 2010 list, but only about perfume in my own life. I am no expert, nor do I aspire to be. What you know, and love, about perfume is interesting. At least to me.

  4. Michael, I'd certainly be interested in seeing your list. And if you don't feel like devoting a whole post to it on your blog, just leave it as a comment on someone else's.

    I wish you all the best for 2011 and I look forward to reading more of your fragrant thoughts!



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