Saturday, 11 December 2010

Giving perfume at Christmas

It occurred to me recently, that since I became really interested in perfume about three and a half years ago, I have never given anyone a perfume gift. Now to some that might seem a little strange. I used to give my wife perfume fairly regularly, mainly before we were married. However, since she had kids she has struggled with a lot of smells, especially when she suffered from morning sickness, and then when breast feeding. So I stopped giving her perfume, understandably. However, this year she seems to be getting over this affliction, to the point where she does try stuff in department stores, and even samples from my own collection, although she still struggles with fragrances that are too intense. 

A couple of months ago she smelled Hermes Eau Claire des Merveilles, which I think is a flanker of sorts to the original. She enthused about it, and I must admit I do like that combination of salty woods and orange, and it does smell good on her. So this Christmas I have bought her a bottle and I truly hope she likes it! It felt really good to buy someone else a bottle of perfume. That may seem a little strange, but I am so used to indulging myself with perfume and perfume samples, and have immersed myself in the whole perfume culture, that it is refreshing for a change to think of someone else, perfume-wise.

So, what I am interested in hearing from you, fellow perfumistas, is whether you ever buy perfume for your other half or another loved one or friend, and how that makes you feel.

Incidentally, while sort of on the subject of Hermes, I feel I should state that I really enjoy a lot of their perfumes. Many are not necessarily ground breaking, but there is a feeling of understated luxury with the brand, and a craftsmanship about Hermes, that makes me usually hold their perfumes in high regard.

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  1. Michael, I'm in agreement with you - Hermes perfumes rock (I'm paraphrasing here). Of course, Jean-Claude Ellena is my perfume god, so that may have something to do with my assessment.

    Like you, I don't give perfume as gifts very often. In fact, I respect perfume to the point that someone needs to show a higher-than-average interest before I will engage in serious discussion or offer samples and decants to that person.

    I'm glad to hear that your wife is regaining her interest in perfume - it's so much fun to share the obsession.

  2. I'm all for Eau de Merveilles and flnakers as I'm totally in love with one of them but I'm never completely sure of the name. :)
    I no longer buy perfumes for my boyfriend (except Dior Homme when he runs low) as I can't seem to guess his niche preference - I usually end up wearing them. Like Cadjmere for example, which I still can't understand why he doesn't love.

  3. Thanks for the comments Josephine and Ines. I agree, it makes more sense to me to share perfume with someone who loves or appreciates it, rather than doing it just for the sake of it. Of course on the other hand, what would be nicer than converting someone who previously knew very little about, or didn't like perfume, into a full-blown fume head! Dior Homme is a great choice by the way, I really like it.

  4. Recently I asked a patient in our dental office about the perfume she was wearing-it was Eau de Merveilles. It smelled wonderful on her. I'm not familiar with the Eau Clair, but agree with Josephine that Hermes rocks! I so wish I could gift my boyfriend with a fragrance. Unfortunately he doesn't like scented ANYTHING so my boss, Iranian female, and I have a great time at work doin' perfume :)

  5. Hi Michael,

    I only buy fragrances for people if I know what they like. I have also done the gift sample pack thing through Sephora and Nordstroms (when NOrdstroms was still doing it)and friends loved the chance to try different things and then pick a bottle from the selection.

    I want to try more Hermes fragrances. I've been going by house, so haven't tried anything by them other than Kelley Caleche (from a sample sent to me by a pen-pal).


  6. Thanks for the comments Cymbaline and Geordan. I like the idea of a sample pack as a gift, rather than burdening someone with a perfume they might not like that could last a lifetime!



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