Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Honore des Pres - Love Coco and I Love les Carottes

Some of you may have read my post a couple of months ago on Vamp a NY, a tuberose-based fragrance by the organic perfume line Honore des Pres. I was in my local Space.NK today and noticed that they carry the entire line, including the latest three. Incidentally, Space.NK actually carries quite a nice line of fragrances, including Diptyque, Kiehls, Tom Ford, Acqua di Parma, Sisley and I understand that Francis Kurkdjian's eponymous line is to be stocked here shortly. Something to look forward to. Anyway, I tried Love Coco and I Love les Carottes on paper and they are rather intriguing. Although I haven't tested these on skin, they initially struck me as more original and interesting than Vamp a NY, which to my nose is really just a creamy, slightly tropical tuberose - nice, but hardly ground-breaking. Love Coco also has a slightly tropical vibe, thanks to it's green coconut note, which mixed with coriander leaf veers to my nose into Thai-style territory. The coco note, to me, is lost on paper, and thinking about it, I'm not quite sure what the New York connection is here. It strikes me far more like it should have been based on a south-east Asian city. It is compelling though and I'd really like to test this on my skin. I Love les Carottes is possibly even more interesting than Love Coco. The opening is rather fierce, with a strong, earthy accord that smells like carrot ground together with incense and pepper. It is quirky, to say the least. After this a fairly realistic carrot smell emerges and it becomes a little bit sweeter. Again, this is really interesting and I'd love to test this further. Both of these are relatively subdued on paper, yet definitely not weak, unlike some others in the line.

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