Friday, 24 September 2010

Autumn colds and smartphones

Not much posting from me this week I'm afraid. I've come down with one of those early autumn colds, passed on no doubt by my wonderful children, who have the sniffles too. With a bunged up nose and no sense of smell I've decided to give my olfactory senses a break for a few days.

My most exciting bit of news is that I got a new mobile phone this week, a smartphone HTC Wildfire. It's pretty cool I think. Ok, it's not an i-phone, or one of the high end phones like the HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy, but for the contract price its actually quite nifty. I've become a bit of a gadget geek over the last few days and my obsession has been browsing the Android market for downloading apps. Sad, I know.

I hope to be back later this weekend, refreshed and ready to be a fumehead again. Oh yes, and I am going to announce the winner of my small draw. To those who entered, you stand a good chance of winning (a 25% chance to be precise...)!

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  1. feel better soon; and I'm sure your new phone will keep you busy and happy!



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